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Enrolling at our school

For all enrolments 

All enrolments are subject to the Redlynch State College School Enrolment Management Plan.

All applications from outside the catchment area are to be approved by the College Principal.

Catchment area maps of the College are available and should be used to determine whether you live in the catchment area. Applications from outside of this area will be accepted subject to the enrolment management plan and submitted to the Principal for approval. Please complete the expression of interest to enrol form to apply if you live outside of our catchment area. This form is to be returned with the enrolment application form.

Expression of Interest to Enrol Out of Area Form (PDF, 322KB)

Parents/caregivers need to accompany the student for an interview at the college. An enrolment form signed by parent/caregiver as well as forms listed below are required to be completed. 

The Principal and other members of the Administration team are available for interviews to discuss individual circumstances. Please contact us for an appointment at the main administration office or email with full details.

You should bring to the interview:

  • Doctors letters for medication/illness.

  • Family Law Court Orders (if applicable).

  • Child’s birth certificate. Enrolment may not be approved without enrolling staff sighting the child's birth certificate. An alternative to birth certificate will be considered where it is not possible to obtain a birth certificate (e.g. child born in country without birth registration system. Passport or visa documents will suffice.) This does not include failure to register a birth or reluctance to order a birth certificate. For international students approved for enrolment by EQI, a passport or visa will be acceptable.

  • Students previous report card is helpful.

  • Any other information that may assist placing the student into the appropriate area of study. For students with an impairment, a profile and verification and/or guidance reports and, in some cases, medical reports may be needed. The parents of these students will need to have an interview with our Head of Special Education before final enrolment occurs.

Repeating students

Students will generally repeat only Year 12. It would only be considered appropriate to repeat another year level following extensive consultation and testing. Students are provided only 24 semesters (12 years) of education. The Principal has the discretion to grant an extra two semesters where educational benefit can be demonstrated.

Year 12 repeat students would need to apply to the Principal prior to the end of the previous school year. Repeating would be approved only if a clear educational benefit is established and space is available in the required courses.

Prep enrolments

Please see prep page for details on enrolling your child in Prep.

Years 1 to 12 enrolments

Please download and complete the following forms, one for each student:

Enrolment Checklist for Parents (PDF, 230KB)

Expression of Interest to Enrol Out of Area Form (PDF, 322KB)

How to Complete the Application for Student Enrolment Form (PDF, 19KB)​ 

Enrolment Application Form (PDF, 1.5MB)​

Enrolment agreement form (PDF, 270KB)

Code of conduct form (PDF, 90KB)

Student internet use agreement form (PDF, 126KB)

Media Consent Form (PDF, 1347KB)​​​​