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Buses transport to and from school

While the Queensland Government acknowledges the necessity for the education of students and accepts responsibility for the provision of education facilities within the State it is the responsibility of the parent to make suitable travel arrangements for their children to attend these facilities.

There are morning and afternoon bus services provided by Loves Bus Company. For further information phone (07) 4035 4500 or visit the Loves' Bus Service website.

Students in Prep to Year 7 living more than 3.2 km from the school are eligible for free conveyancing. Years 8 to 12 students need to reside more than 4.8 km from the school for this allowance. Transport application forms are available from the Bus Company. 

Non eligible students may travel on the bus after filling out a Transport Application Form and paying a small fee.

Buses leave the school at various times after 3.05pm.  Students are required to make their way to the bus stop areas once let out of class.

Behaviour is monitored by the drivers, the bus companies and the school. A student may lose their bus pass if they demonstrate unacceptable behaviour on the bus or whilst waiting for the bus. Students must travel directly to and from school by bus and not loiter at any other venues.

For information on the Code of Conduct for School Students travelling on buses please visit the Translink website.

School bus timetables and routes are available on the Love's Bus Service website.

Bicycles and scooters

Children riding bicycles and scooters are to enter the College grounds through the gate closest to the bike racks on their side of the road. They are to be walked through the College grounds and placed in these racks. Children are required by law to wear a helmet whenever they ride their bicycles and are encouraged to use a bicycle lock and chain to secure their bicycles.


If students bring skateboards to school they must be handed in to the office for safekeeping. Students must not ride their skateboards in the school grounds at any time. 


Car Parks are provided for parents outside the College gate.  Only those parents who have children with physical impairments are to drive in and out of the grounds and pick up and drop off children. The school has an additional carpark off Lillipilli Close at the top end of the P-6 campus. All drivers are asked to be especially careful entering these parks.

Students are not permitted to park on school grounds. They must park in the top area of the public carpark.

At Redlynch we have developed a 'Kiss and Drop' zone to improve the safety of our students. These are found on both sides and are signed as ’Loading Zones’

Please follow these directions and keep our children safe.  

‘Kiss and Drop’ zone means: 

Keep your car engine running, stay in your car, drive in drop off/pick up immediately, move on. Drive to the end so others can move in behind you

Teach your children to all get in/get out on curb side of car, move over to let other children in - safety is important

  • Make a time with your children to be ready and waiting for you
  • If waiting to move into the zone ensure there is room for other cars to pass you. Please, no double parking in this area. 

Walking is a smart alternative to getting to and from the College.

Last reviewed 24 October 2018
Last updated 24 October 2018