Principal’s welcome


Tony Fuller - Executive Principal 

I would like to welcome everyone to our Redlynch State College website. The website is designed to provide a comprehensive outline of the College’s vision and systems that we have in place to ensure the very best learning environment for all our students. It is also an important tool to acknowledge the fantastic achievements of our students and staff. 2012, being my first year of appointment at Redlynch State College has allowed me the opportunity to review the evolution of the College with fresh eyes and I must say I am very impressed with what I see and look forward to leading the future development of the College.

Redlynch State College has a proud history of academic success, sporting prowess, community support and parent involvement. The school was first opened on the original school site in 1932. This was after 5 years of lobbying by the local community. The school opened with an enrolment of 80 students. This strong community link has been a recurrent feature of our school community.

It was again evident when the planning and building of the new primary campus was undertaken in 1994. This new site, once a sugar cane farm, opened its doors with an enrolment of 180 and has continued to experience considerable growth. In 2011 we celebrated the first cohort of students to graduate year 12. Redlynch is now recognised as a high performing Prep to Year 12 educational institute with over 1,800 students now enrolled at the College.

The College’s vision 'Learning in our Valley, Thinking beyond the Hills' is supported by our school-wide pedagogy of Relationships, Success, Connections, Equity and Quality (RSCEQ). These pedagogies underpin the learning activities that we as a College provide across all phases of learning, i.e. Early, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary. We aim to ensure that every student from Prep to Year 12 experience a curriculum that focuses on their future and prepares them to succeed in their field of choice.

In 2011 we saw our first cohort of Year 12’s graduate and have seen our graduating cohorts grow from 100 to over 160 students in 2015. Students in this year level chose a range of pathways for their senior studies giving them opportunities in a range of tertiary fields and vocational careers.

Redlynch State College continues to focus on High Yield teaching and learning to support a more explicit model of teaching. We will also continue to improve areas identified (The NAPLAN testing) in literacy and numeracy through improved programming of teaching strategies. The greater understanding and interpretation of data to support programming by teachers will always be a key focus. Staff will continue to implement the Policy of School-wide Positive Behaviour Support.

The Redlynch area has a high socio-economic status with the majority of students coming from professional and small business backgrounds. The College has recently enacted an enrolment management plan to help manage the growth of the school to remain within it's 2250 student capacity. We presently have 6% of our students who are indigenous, 2% of students who have English as a second language and 6% of students who are verified with a disability. Most families are long term residents of Redlynch but as the area grows more and more students are moving into the College.

The College has a range of pastoral care programs to support students, staff and parents. We have an established Guidance Officer service with 2 officers servicing both campuses, a Chaplain, a school based Health Nurse, a Special Projects Officer supporting students and parents, Student Support Committees, an integrated School-wide Behaviour Support Program, a P-6 ‘Kids Matter’ program, a ‘You Can Do It’ Program plus a range of other short course programs run on and off campus for students who require specialised support. School Opinion Surveys report high levels of morale for staff and high levels of students’ acceptance for their school.

At the College, the education of every student is seen as a 3 way partnership. We aim to support this partnership with the student, teacher and parent at all times. Three way parent/student and teacher conferences are held twice yearly, parent-teacher information nights, written Semester Reports, interim reports for Years 7-12, Open Nights, Information Sessions and weekly newsletters all help to keep parents informed. I encourage all parents and carers to become involved in the school to help ensure a successful transition across the 13 years of schooling and beyond.

I hope you enjoy scanning through the website and also encourage you to view our College Facebook page.


Tony Fuller
Executive Principal

Last reviewed 24 October 2018
Last updated 24 October 2018